Friday, August 20, 2010

Vacation Recap ~ Part 1

After looking through all of our vacation photos I realized that I have to break up our vacation recap into multiple posts.

We left for Tennessee early Saturday morning around 1:30 am. We loaded up all 3 kids in the car and put Phineas and Ferb in the DVD player. Katelyn was the last to fall asleep somewhere around 3:30am. And with Ken driving, I finally went to sleep too.
I woke up around 730ish and the kids woke up when we stopped for breakfast around 930. Since we were now in Tennessee and traveling on back roads, we found a little diner to eat at. It was called the Biscuit Box and was the tiniest little place.

We got to our timeshare in Gatlinburg around 1130 and checked in. After some unpacking it was off to the grocery store to stock up on food. And since Gavin and Katelyn had been begging to go in the swimming pool, that was what we did when we got back.

Gavin loved his goggles and kept going underwater to explore. And Ken and Danyelle brushed up on their handstand skills.

After swimming we headed back to our place for dinner and some much needed relaxation after traveling all day.
Our second day of vacation we stopped at the welcome center to pick up some maps of the National Park.

Our next stop was to the Ski Lift up the side of the mountain that we do every year. Gavin and Danyelle road together and Katelyn sat with me and Ken. She LOVED going up the mountain and talked the whole way up about everything she saw.

Once we got to the top the heat was UNBEARABLE! The temp was around 98 degrees and we felt like we were melting up there. We only got a couple of pictures before heading back down.

We then walked around downtown and stopped in a couple of stores and then made our way to the river that runs along the back of the stores.

The kids quickly took off their shoes and started walking around.

Gavin and Danyelle decided they were going to try to walk to the other side of the river. Gavin didn't get very far before he fell over and got soaking wet. Eventually they both made it to the other side. Gavin came back by way of the river but Danyelle chose to get out and walk around across a bridge instead of chancing it with falling.

Katelyn sat on the rocks near me and picked up leaves and tiny rocks to throw.

And since this post is getting long, I will finish Day 2 in my next post!