Friday, August 6, 2010

Just a little history on the kids birthday parties for the past couple of years. Since my psycho-nutbag-sister-in-law insists on screwing it all up.

July 2008- Gavins 6th birthday. This was the party where we rented the water slide. Everyone was there, including pschyo-nutbag. We had it on a Saturday. This is also the party where psycho-nutbag decided it was her business to talk crap about me to anyone who would listen.

August 2008- Katelyn's 2nd birthday. We had her party at the house. On a Sunday. It was Dora themed. Psycho-nutbag had to work, but her kids and husband were there. I have pictures to prove it. SO, even though she had to work, hubby and kids came to celebrate their cousins bday.

July 2009- Gavin's 7th birthday. We had it at the bowling alley. Gavin brought 2 friends from the neighborhood. His good friend austin was with his dad that weekend so he couldn't make it. It was on a Saturday. Pshyco-nutbag and her family were invited. I spoke to her hubby personally on the phone to invite them. They were going out of town for the weekend and couldn't make it.

August 2009- Katelyn's 3rd birthday. Again her party was at our house. It was Cinderella themed. We had it on a Sunday. I was in an all girls fantasy football league this year and we were in the process of scheduling our draft party. It was back and forth between saturday and sunday of katelyns bday weekend. Once the girls had determined to have the draft on Saturday, I then went ahead and planned Katelyns bday party for Sunday. Again, psycho-nutbag and family were invited. 3 days before the party nutbag's hubby called to say nutbag had to work and he was going to take the kids to his mother in laws to swim that day instead of coming to the party. His reasoning was since I planned the party for a sunday and psycho-nutbag couldn't get off work, then I did it on purpose so his wife couldn't come. HIS EXACT words to me on the phone.

July 2010- Gavin's 8th birthday. I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what to do for Gavins birthday. Since we were now living in Sarasota i wasn't sure where to have the party. He was only in school here for a couple of months and I didn't have any of his new friends names or addresses to invite them to a party. He has a couple of friends in the neighborhood, but I didnt want to plan a party around them, and then them not be able to make it. I then decided to have the party back in pinellas county where all of our friends and family still live. Ken and I went back and forth over what day to have it, saturday or sunday. We finally decided on sunday since it would be easy to take Danyelle back to Tampa after the party was over. Instead of back and forth driving all weekend if we had it on Saturday. The very same day I booked the party, I sent out email invites and Ken called psycho-nutbag and invited her. 6 days before the party psycho texted me to tell me that since she couldn't get off of work to come to the party, then she was sending her hubby and kids to her mothers to go swimming. I called her on the phone where she proceeded to tell me that this is the 3rd year in a row that I have had parties on Sundays on purpose so she couldn't come. Her kids are tired of their mother not being invited anywhere and don't want to come without her. She told me I need to plan my parties on Saturdays when she has off or give her a months notice so she can ask for the day off. She called me a bitch many times and told me to grow up. She once again told me how her and her husband hate me anyway and how she has told her oldest child what a mean bitch I am and he doesn't want anything to do with me anymore. And for the record, my mom and dad were unable to come to Gavin's party because they had to work. My sister Tiffany almost didn't come because she had to work, but got let off early. My brother in law eric was late to the party because he had to work. Hmmm.

Katelyn's birthday party in a couple of weeks is on a Saturday. Because that is what works this year for ME AND MY HUSBAND. NOT anyone else. I plan my parties around my husbands schedule and when we have Danyelle. NOT anyone else.


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