Sunday, August 22, 2010

Packed and Ready To Go

Tomorrow is the first day back to school for Gavin and Katelyn. Can I get a high five from someone???

Gavin is starting 3rd grade and Katelyn will be in Pre-K from 9-12 Monday thru Friday. Katelyn is more than excited. She cannot wait to meet new friends and play on the playground. She did tell Danyelle yesterday that she was a little nervous because she doesn't know her ABC's all the way yet. Danyelle told her the teacher will teach her and not to worry.

Gavin could care less about going back to school. We went to his meet and greet Friday afternoon to see his new classroom and meet his teacher. His desk was all set up with his name and schoolbooks on it. As we left Danyelle asked him what his favorite part of his new class was and he said it was that his desk was by the air conditioner.

Just a little while longer until baths and bedtime tonight. No more staying up late and sleeping in for these kids ( and me too lol ). And I have school lunches to make for the week tonight also. And then I better get some sleep too for my early wake up call.