Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Gavin's been in school for about six weeks now and I have to say all is going well. We have had an increase in the amount of homework he has this year compared to last. But Gavin is doing really well with the material and so far even doing homework with him isn't a nightmare like it was last year.

Gavin also gets to switch classrooms with another class for science. His whole class goes into the classroom next door so that teacher can teach them science while his regular teacher teaches the other class social studies. This is one thing Gavin thinks is pretty cool about 2nd grade.

And, I can really tell Gavin is learning so much already this year. And retaining all of the information and taking it to heart. 2 weeks ago he learned about fire safety. And I guess his teacher told them a story about her garage catching on fire once. Last month, last year, or 10 years ago I have no idea when the fire took place. But it was ALL Gavin could talk about. Now he is going around the house unplugging things so we don't have electrical fires and asking me where our smoke alarms are. He also asked me daily if I thought our garage would ever catch on fire. I spent about a week re assuring him that nothing would happened to our house.

This weeks topic? Snakes. Snakes and the venom they have. The venom that will kill you if a snake bites you. Gavin has already gotten out of bed 6 times tonight to tell me how scared he is now of snakes and venom. Are there snakes in our walls? Can snakes get into our house? Will the venom make him die? OMIGOD what kind of questions are these?? And my heart is aching knowing that is laying there worrying about these things.

I finally got him calmed down by telling him I have anti venom in our medicine cabinet. Yes, I lied. But it got him to finally fall asleep. And I am really looking forward to see what he learns about next week!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Afternoon at the Beach

Since Wednesday's are early release day this year, we decided to take advantage of the great weather and head out to the beach after I picked up Gavin from school.

The sun was shining, breeze was blowing, and the waves were perfect for the kids to play in. Other than some quick questions from Gavin about sharks ( thanks Shark Week ! ) , both Katelyn and Gavin spend most of their time in the water running back and forth from the waves.

Gavin took some time out to build some sand castles and Katelyn chased down some sea gulls.

Gavin also spent some relaxing time in the hammock.....

that is until Katelyn saw him and decided he needed some pushes..
We ended the night barbecuing some hot dogs and watching the sunset.

Not too bad for a Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rained Out Again

Gavin's first baseball game of the season was scheduled for this past Saturday. We woke up to a thunderstorm outside. We got ready anyway hoping that it would stop raining in time for the game. But sure enough, the coach called and cancelled the game right as we were about to walk out the door.

Gavin was so sad his first game was cancelled and let us know about it all day long :( Poor guy.

Tonight Gavin had a game scheduled for 630. Again, Gavin was super excited to be going to his first game of the season. No rain this time as we walked out the door. But when we got to the fields I knew once again Gavin would be disappointed. All of the fields were flooded from the thunderstorm we had around 3pm. We waited for the rest of the team to get there for the coaches to officially cancel the game due to the fields.

So, Game 1 has been rescheduled for the 3rd time to this Friday night. Then he has a game again on Saturday morning. Let's hope today was the last of the rain!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Ballet Lesson

We just got home from Katelyn's first ballet / tap lesson and OH . MY . GOD . I have never seen anything cuter in my life. For real. Katelyn looked precious in her pink leotard and white tights lined up with all the other little girls.

They did their tap lesson first and learned 3 different moves. Then they switched into their ballet shoes and practiced first position. Then they practiced standing on their tip toes with their arms in the air and turning in circles. Cute. Cute. Cute.

And finally they did a little dance with a partner.

Katelyn goes once a week for 45 minutes. The first class of the month is considered visitors day and all the other days I wait for her outside. She also received a ballet book which will let me know what moves she is learning and how her behavior was in class. Its called Princess Behavior- which is right up Katelyn's alley!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Katelyn's First Day of School

Katelyn is back in school!! She started back this Monday and goes 3 days a week instead of the 2 days like she did last year.
Monday morning she got up and was sooo happy to be getting ready to go back and see her friends. As we waited in the car line for her teacher to come out and get her she told me she was going to read books, have snacks and play on the playground.
When her teacher came out to the car to get her Katelyn gave me a good-bye kiss on my arm and hopped out and never looked back!
All 3 days this week went wonderfully for her. And when Thursday came and she found out that it wasn't one of her days to go to school, boy, did she have a fit!!
Oh, well, I am at least happy that she enjoys going!