Monday, September 14, 2009

First Ballet Lesson

We just got home from Katelyn's first ballet / tap lesson and OH . MY . GOD . I have never seen anything cuter in my life. For real. Katelyn looked precious in her pink leotard and white tights lined up with all the other little girls.

They did their tap lesson first and learned 3 different moves. Then they switched into their ballet shoes and practiced first position. Then they practiced standing on their tip toes with their arms in the air and turning in circles. Cute. Cute. Cute.

And finally they did a little dance with a partner.

Katelyn goes once a week for 45 minutes. The first class of the month is considered visitors day and all the other days I wait for her outside. She also received a ballet book which will let me know what moves she is learning and how her behavior was in class. Its called Princess Behavior- which is right up Katelyn's alley!!


Amy! said...

Omg, that is the most adorable thing in the world. I hope i have a girl next?!

Anonymous said...

Super cute cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather said...

She's adorable!

Bee took ballet from ages 3-5, and it was just the cutest thing. It was great entertainment, watching all those tiny little girls trying to stay in their formation. Some would be looking out the window, or talking to themselves, and there was always one who was picking her leotard out of her butt, while the parents tried really hard not to laugh :)

Donna said...

=) Adorable!