Monday, August 3, 2009

VBS ~ Day 1 ~

We got back from our vacation Sunday night and bright and early this morning we started VBS. Updates on our vacation coming soon.

Ken took one more day off of work so Katelyn got to stay home instead of going to the nursery at church that she loves so much ( sarcasm ).

Gavin and I headed out bright and early at 8am ( YIKES ). I am volunteering again this year to be a group leader. Last year I had elementary aged kids and Gavin was in my group which was so fun. This year I am in charge of the pre-school aged kids - 4 and 5 year olds. I was kinda excited when I was told I would be getting the younger kids. I kept imagining cute little cuddly babies.

I got to my station this morning and was ready and waiting to welcome my kids with open arms. I have 5 kids in my group- 3 girls and 2 boys. Girl #1 arrived and started talking nonstop about her school, friends, cats, dogs, pets of her friends, and anything else you can thing of. Boy #1 arrived and and ran away from me screaming. Boy #2 arrived and spent the first 20 minutes this morning laughing uncontrollably over nothing. Like a patient out of the loony bin. Girl #2 arrived and cried hysterically and didn't want her dad to leave. When he finally did leave she grabbed ahold of my leg and sobbed for 20 minutes. Girl #3 arrived and started running around in circles chasing herself.

And that is how we started the morning. The boy and girl who started the morning off crying quickly got over that and their true little selves came out. My group of kids really got along well thank goodness! But they are quite the wild bunch. No cute cuddly little babies here.

I learned quickly which ones I had to hold hands with when we moved from station to station. I learned which one liked to wander away and leave the group. Which one is the one who asked 500 times if his mom was back to pick him up. Which one who told me repeatedly he was bored and just wanted to go outside and play. Which cute little one kept giving hugs to everyone and not letting go. And all of them like to run from me when I am talking. I mean, WHAT is going on here???

And the best part?

Are you ready?

I learned which one likes to take all his clothes off when he is in the bathroom. Yep, that's right. Naked. I only know because other boys came out of the bathroom laughing about the naked kid. And I happen to have 1 boy in the bathroom. I sent my other boy in to see what was going on and he came out laughing that boy #1 was naked. OH. MY. GOD.

I stuck my head in the bathroom door and pleaded with him to put his clothes back on. No response. I asked my 14 year old nephew who was there also to go in and help the kid out. He told me no and walked away. Finally another adult male walked by and I told him I REALLY needed some help. It took him about 10 minutes to convince this kid to get dressed.

Lesson learned. Day 2 of VBS is tomorrow and Boy #1 will be holding it all day if he has to go the the bathroom.


Heather said...

That's so funny that you have a boy who loves naked time! Obviously it's not funny for you right now, but someday you'll look back and laugh, right?

Shanilie said...

haha some kids just love being naked! VBS is so fun, I wish Jacob was older so he could go. He would have so much fun.

Anonymous said...

wow. sounds like an interesting vbs... atleast the naked boy wasn't running around outside... OR maybe he's just saving that for another day. lol.