Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Ok, so I have this thing for socks. I love them. I wear them all the time in the house. Most likely you will never catch me without socks on.

I like plain socks, funky socks, soft socks, fluffy socks, or knee high socks. LOVE THEM.

Sooo, I think my love of socks has passed along to my son. He doesn't wear them around the house all the time like I do, and he even is quick to tear off his socks and shoes when he gets home from school. BUT, if he spots a funky designed sock- he wants it. When he was in kindergarten he got ahold of Danyelle's knee high Spongebob slipper socks. The were too huge on him but he wore them anyway. Even to school once. (shudder)

Last year he found a pair of socks that Paul had sent me from Alaska. They were dark blue with purple, pink and teal swirls thru them with ALASKA written in bold letters. Again, he wore them to school. Pulled up to his knees. (double shudder)

While we were in Gatlinburg a couple of weeks ago I thought I died and went to heaven when we there was a store on the strip entirely devoted to socks. My oh my. Before I knew it I had 5 pairs in my hand. I got pirate socks, dolphin socks, and some ladybug socks. I got Katelyn some knee high rainbow bright socks. Too cute.

My bliss was ended when Gavin and Ken walked in. Gavin went nuts over all the choices. I tried to steer him in the direction of socks that would fit him. He ended up finding a pair of womens knee high socks. With horses on them. And big letters that said "I LOVE MY HORSE".

I said "Gavin, these socks are too big for you. And they say- I love my horse. You don't have a horse."

Gavin thoughtfully looked at me and said " I think I love horses"

I said " well, your not getting these, find different ones"

He went on to find a pair of mens black socks. With a bear riding a motorcycle on it with orange and red flames. I again explained how they were too big and wouldn't fit. Gavin didn't care.

So here he is --- in all his glory. Wearing mens socks that go up past his knees. And yes, he wore these out on our vacation.


Dina said...

awesome!! Gotta love originality. i hope he keeps that daring sense of originality through the tough teen years where everyone wears the same thing.

Happy2bme said...

Maybe taking off your socks will help on your electric bill...i.e. the ice box you call a home could be a little warmer.