Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our Summer History Lessons

Got a question about the corrosion of our underground water pipes? Just ask Gavin.

Want to know when the Space Needle is going to fall or when massive flooding will overtake New York? Ask Gavin.

Gavin has a new hobby this summer. He stays up at night watching the History Channel. Last week he watched like 4 hours in a row of the show Life After People. Now he spends his days giving me facts of what is going to happen to the earth when we are no longer here.

Mom, did you know there is going to be a huge wave go over the city and into all the buildings? Yeah, and no people are there just animals. And then the trees and grass grow everywhere and all the buildings come crashing down. Its called the Space Needle, did you know that Mom? And all the animals are really hungry cause no people are here to feed them. So they fight each other. yeah, mom, that's what happens when no people are around. I think it all happens in 1000 years.

Then he watched some show about the underground water system.

Hey mom, did you know we get our water from pipes in the ground? yeah, they are really big and built a long time ago. Sometimes they break too. And water comes up everywhere flooding peoples houses. And the inside of the pipes sometimes gets clogged, its called corrosion mom. All the pipes are really old and could break. Do you think our pipes are going to break mom? Cause I don't want water everywhere in our house cause then we cant live in it. When are the men coming to fix our pipes? Huh mom? When?

I'm starting to wish he would just go back to Spongebob. I cant keep up with these conversations!


Mommy Cracked said...

Sounds like our house. I love watching History Channel and Discovery. Congrats to Gavin on getting his purple belt!