Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gavin's Purple Belt

Testing was yesterday in Karate for Gavin. He has been preparing for weeks now to test to get his purple belt. We had been working really hard on Kata #2 which he HAD to know to advance to purple belt. Gavin really struggled with learning all the moves but did awesome during the test last night.

Gavin was presented with his new belt, a headband and a framed certificate.

Gavin with his new headband and belt:

And after testing was over we took Gavin to Rita's to celebrate.

Congratulations on your new belt Gavin! Love you so much, Mommy


Wendy said...

YAY Gavin:)

Candi said...

Great, now I want to go to Rita's.....maybe tomorrow. Can you believe my husband doesn't like Rita's?? CRAZY!!

Congrats, Gavin!