Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Recap

Gavin, Katelyn , and I spent the Memorial Day at the beach. For the first time in almost a week the sun was out and it wasn't raining!

My sister Tiffany works at the Hilton right on the beach and she had invited us up there for the day. BIG mistake for her. Little does she know that I will now be there every single day over the summer!!

I got to park in the employee parking lot, so nice. Then we were escorted down to the beach where we got our very own umbrella and chairs- again, so nice.

And have I mentioned the free drinks and ice-cream? Oh yeah, you'll be seeing me all summer Tiff!
The Gavin and Katelyn had a great time making sand castles and making sand pies.

And of course once we got in the water, there was no getting out.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday too!


Wendy said...

I would be right there with her in the water:) I can't even go in our ocean anymore after being in the FL.!!