Sunday, May 31, 2009

Katelyn's Last Day Of School

First Day Of School ~ August 2008

Last Day Of School May 2009

Katelyn's last day of pre-school was this past Friday. Her class spend the morning at the park for a good-bye picnic. All the kids, parents, and teachers were there.

Katelyn had a blast playing in the water tables with her friends.

She also spend some time looking at the ducks and hanging out with the girls.

She had fun on the playground too.

After the playground the class gathered for their picnic lunch. Then it was time for some dancing, which is Katelyn's favorite.

All the kids got presents and goody bags from the teachers. Katelyn talked hers over with Lance.

Then posed for some good-bye pictures with Abbe, Lance, and Ella. And gave a good-bye hug to Amelia.

Katelyn absolutely loved going to school this year. She only went 2 days a week but she would have been happy going all 5 days a week. She loved all her friends and talked about them for hours after she got home. When I would pick her up from school she would tell me all about her day. What toys she played with, who she sat next to at snack time, and what she had for a snack. She would fill me in on who was bad that day or if someone got hurt on the playground. She loved to draw pictures and paint. And of course she loves to sing and dance at school. Next year I have her signed up for 3 days a week for school and I'm sure most of the kids she goes with now with move up to that class too.


Wendy said...

WHEN did our girls grow up? Dang!!

Shanilie said...

Wow, finished pre-school already. Great pictures, going to the park and feeding ducks are so much fun!

Kristi said...

Isn't it amazing how far they grow in one school year. I will be taking a ton of pictures on Thursday on Noah's last day.

Andrea said...

It looks like she had a great year and made some great little friends too! :)