Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Recap

We had an amazing Easter Sunday with the kids. Gavin woke up around 815 excited that the Easter Bunny had come. We had to go wake Katelyn up and tell her the bunny had left her an Easter basket.

Gavin and Katelyn excitedly looked at everything that was in their baskets before starting on the egg hunt in the house. Katelyn was confused at first as to why the Easter Bunny did this to her house? It was quite funny to watch. But she got over her confusion fast and ended up with more eggs that Gavin.

We went to Easter lunch over at my inlaws first. Katelyn wore her pretty pink "princess" dress and brought her fairy godmother wand with her. She twirled around all day and kept calling herself Cinderella.

We had a yummy yummy lunch and all the cousins had a wonderful time playing together. After my inlaws house we headed out to the beach to have dessert with my side of the family. Katelyn and Gavin headed right out to start building sand castles and make "snow" angels in the sand. The Easter Bunny had even hidden eggs at my moms, so the kids got to do another Easter egg hunt. We were there long enough to watch the sunset before we headed out back home.

We had a wonderful Easter!

***And I'd like to say hi to everyone in Tempe, Arizona, Thanks for checking in****


Shanilie said...

Aww her dress does look like a Cinderella dress.

Oh the sand looks soo warm!

Wendy said...

GAH! Easter on the beach...love it!! Katelyn looks beautiful in her princess dress:) Someone just gave Lani a real snow white dress and it hasn't come off. She even wore it outside

Shan said...

Looks like a pretty great Easter.