Saturday, April 4, 2009


We are back from our toooo short spring break mini vacation. We got home Friday afternoon and as of right now I still haven't unpacked. Its the worst part of coming home ( right Katie?).

We spent some time today at the eye doctor for Gavin. He broke his glasses in half - yep, in half - last week so we went in to have a new eye exam and pick out new frames. We ended up with the exact same frames as before since they look so good on him. I was not looking forward to having to pay for another pair of glasses, but the little lady behind the counter informed me that all of their glasses come with a year warranty ( yippee ) so I would be receiving them for half off ( double yippee! ).

We also spent some time outside in the beautiful weather. Gavin had a couple of friends over so they got on their swimsuits and ran around in the sprinkler for a couple of hours until dinner time.

Tomorrow we are going to our church's Easter Picnic/ Egg Hunt. I am looking forward to watching Katelyn run after all the Easter eggs!!

Vacation posts and pictures coming soon!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Kristi said...

okay, I am seriously jealous that you're wearing swim suits. We're supposed to get three to six inches of sow tonight. Some "Spring" Break, huh?

Mommy Cracked said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to see your pics!