Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby Einstein ~ World Of Music ~ Review

At a very young age, our children are aware that the world is both very large and yet extremely interconnected. Thanks to digital technology, we can instantly connect with countries around the world, and our own communities grow more diverse every day. We feel a great importance in teaching our children about different cultures, as we want them to grow up with the understanding, respect, and appreciation of every person and culture they meet. And as the language of music transcends cultures and borders, it serves as an excellent way to engage our children and expose them to global diversity.

Because of the focus Moms place on these important lessons, Baby Einstein created World Music, an interactive product line of DVDs, music CDs, books, toys and gear that embrace the brand's philosophy of touch, talk and think, while promoting together time between baby and parents. World Music encourages parents and little ones to foster a lifelong love of music and an appreciation for diverse cultures from around the world. Susan McClain, Vice President and General Manager of The Baby Einstein Company shared, "Based on the thousands of moms who contact us, there is a real desire to expose their little ones to different cultures. From Africa to Australia, music is a common thread that ties us all together. With this new line, our goal is to begin a lifelong appreciation for the world."

Thanks to MomCentral, Katelyn and I were able to review the World Music DVD, which came out March 31, 2009, encourages live interaction and introduces children to the world's distinctive sights and sounds with fun-loving puppet host Jane the Monkey and her toy drum as she travels across the globe to play music with her puppet friends.

It features real-world images of global musical instruments, regional toys and animals, and takes an extraordinary look at the universal language of music, encouraging viewers to join in the fun by blowing on a flute, strumming on a harp and singing along to songs from all seven continents. And for a more customized experience for each family's stage and needs, the World Music DVD provides two settings- Grow with Me and Select-a-Segment. The "grow with me" setting offers a second viewing mode containing spoken words and additional content that grows with babies, while "select-a-segment" gives parents the choice of viewing shorter segments, such as five or ten minutes, as opposed to longer programming.

Please visit Baby to see all of their wonderful products.


Christie said...

I introduced the Baby Einstein DVD's to my son when he was an infant. I used to LOVE to watch him watch the colors, and clap...hearing sounds, and even after knowing what to expect (through repitition). He learned really quickly body parts (he could point to any part you asked him to), colors, shapes, and even basic words in other languages when he got a bit older. My husband and I enjoyed watching and encouraging our son to learn, and it made it easier to introduce "real world" objects because of the familiarity he already had with some of them.

I agree! Baby Einstein is awesome!!!

♥georgie♥ said...

Yanno I just dont remember these cool things when my beanies were sprouts!

Anonymous said...

I love Baby Einstein. I watch the videos even when the kids aren't home!