Monday, February 16, 2009

Pretty Teef

Look what Santa brought Katelyn this year in her stocking:

Her very own Dora toothbrush. Now I am sure Santa only had the best intentions. I am sure he was thinking only of her dental hygeine and good brushing habits. Maybe he wanted her to feel like a big girl with her own cute little toothbrush.

I dont think Santa realized how much Katelyn would looooove this toothbrush. Like never-wanting-to-leave-the-bathroom-kind-of-love. This kid asks to brush her teeth like 15 times a day. I usually let her about 4 times a day. The other million times I have to direct her somewhere else so she forgets. Because once she is in there brushing- she wont leave.

She brushes:

and brushes:

and brushes:

and rinses:

and does her best to spit in the sink:
Then its back to brushing:
and talking to herself in the mirror:

and fooling around with the toothbrush:

All of these steps are repeated 10 times. Just try to get this girl out of the bathroom before she is done and the result is not pretty. So, I leave her in there and she usually wanders out about 20 minutes later.

She says " My teef so pretty!"

and gives me a big smile while I inspect her teeth.


Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, she is just adorable. That's great that she loves to brush. I wish my 4 year old did. LOL! Maybe she can avoid those pesky cavities.

Donna said...

It could be worse! But I totally understand.
After Christmas I found this cute toothbrush holder that has a timer on it, and Ethan would do the same thing, brush over and over and use the didn't last too long...she is a cutie!

Wendy said...

aww! Lani has that same toothbrush! Big shocker huh? Lani loves to brush her teeth also. I have to hide!

Tiffany said...

That is about the cutest post EVER...I wanna squeeze her, too cute! Give her and Gavin kisses and hugs from us!

siteseer said...

my daughter and granddaughter brush each others teeth to keep the little on happy lol.


My son got toothbrushes in his stocking too.He also loves the training toothpaste but he wants to eat it like candy.

Shanilie said...

Awww I just love seeing children have an enjoyment for clean teeth! I find Jacob has been doing the same thing lately with his similar tigger tooth brush.

Happy2bme said...

Aww, what a cute post!!

Candi said...

Oh my word....that is the cutest thing. I hope Santa bought some back ups for when this "toof" brush has to go....LOL!