Thursday, February 26, 2009


Katelyn got in the car today after pre-school very angry. She immediately told me some story about cheese.

" I not have cheese mommy. Pals have cheese. I not have cheese!! Abbe have cheese."

All of that was said in one rushed mad sentence while I was till buckling her in her car seat.

" I not have cheese. I have crackers. Cheese make me sick."

Yep, that's right. Since she is allergic to milk she didn't get the cheese that went with the crackers at snack time today. And boy I guess that really ticked her off- because snack time was an hour and a half before I picked her up and it was the first thing she said when she got in the car. Poor girl!! I feel like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld- NO CHEESE FOR YOU!

The weather has been so dry here that her eczema has been very bad the past couple of weeks. Today I had to send her to school wearing her Baby Legs so she doesn't scratch her legs. When I picked her up her knees were filthy! It looked like she crawled around the playground!

See? The Baby Legs looked really cute with her shorts and shirt she wore to school today. What? You don't agree with me? Well, her Baby Legs are a cute green stripe and were nice and clean this morning. Her shorts are white and light green and the top she wore to school matched the shorts. So she looked very cute at school.

But what's that shirt she is wearing now you ask?

That's what she just HAD TO change into when she got home from school. She called it her Princess Shirt and kept twirling around with it on. It has matching pants that go with it but I guess she felt the shirt was enough. Such fashion sense already!


Shanilie said...

lol to the Seinfeld comment! I wonder if someone had been offering her cheese?

So cute when children start asking what to wear. Even Jacob sometimes refuses to wear certain clothes. A toddlers fashion. :)

Tracye said...

How cute is she??? :)

The belly button shot just about did me in. I can't see Cullen's belly button without kissing it! They're just made for it.

Happy2bme said...

Ok, at first I thought that's how she went to school...phew!!!

Staci said...

She's so cute, with her own little fashion sense too.

It's so funny the things kids remember. My son got really upset with me yesterday, yelling at me about something that happened a week ago. I guess it was as upsetting as the cheese incident!