Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Break Recap ( Part 1 )

Gavin went back to school today after being off for Spring Break last week. We were lucky enough to have beautiful weather all week long.

Last Tuesday after Ken got home from work we drove to the beach to check into our hotel. We got a great room that was facing the ocean and was right next to the pool and shuffleboard court. After unpacking we headed down to the beach. Gavin ran right into the water, while Katelyn had a hard time walking thru the sand. This was her first time at the beach and she didn't know quite what to make of it. She was very puzzled as to why it was so hard to walk. Once we made it to the water, Katelyn was again puzzled. She very timidly walked to the waters edge and let the waves hit her feet and then would run away.

Gavin meanwhile was having a great time running in and out of the ocean and trying to jump the waves when they came in.

After about 20 minutes of checking out the ocean, Katelyn finally ran right in. And didn't stop. And got knocked over by a wave. And got up laughing. That was the beginning of my workout. She would run in and get knocked over by the incoming wave and then get knocked over again by the water rushing back into the ocean. She wasn't scared at all and thought it was all very funny.

After about an hour or so we rinsed off in the beach shower and jumped into the hotel pool. After our swim it was back into our room for a quick dinner. Our room had a nice kitchen in it so we ate in for most of our meals. After dinner we headed back outside to watch the sunset. Gavin has been waiting for this for weeks. He could not wait to see the sunset. He was very amazed how the sun seemed to go down right into the ocean!!

The next day started with us in the pool for a couple of hours. After lunch we headed down to the beach again. Gavin and Katelyn had a great time playing with their sand toys and building sandcastles.

Katelyn found a little friend on the beach that she played with. They were really cute running back and forth into the water with each other and playing in the sand. Gavin collected alot of seashell to bring home. He said he want to paint them!

That night we enjoyed another beautiful sunset. Gavin also wanted to see the beach "at night", so I took him for a moonlit walk. I loved this little hotel so much. We all had such a great time !


Andrea said...

Those are such great pictures and it looks and sounds like you had an awesome time! :) Now I can hardly wait until we can head out to the beach again too!

Donna said...

What I would give to be heading the beach today!! My little E LOVES the beach and talks about it all the time.

The only one that is decent is about an hour away.

Cute pictures!

Elaine A. said...

Oh, that water looks so inviting. Now I wanna go to the beach!!

Great pics of the kiddos. I am glad you all had a nice time. The beach is such a wonderful place to retreat to...

KC said...

Oh how I wish we could have done another spring break at the beach this year. Last year we went to florida for spring break and had such a great time. I was really worried about keeping an eye on all of kids and Little Man wasn't even 2 yet and was running everywhere I wasn't sure if I could keep a close enough eye on all of them but it was the best family vacation ever.. and I so want to go back.
Your kids look like they were having the best time also.. love the pictures they are so good. So which beach did you go to?

jennwa said...

The beach looks great. I can not wait to go myself.I am jealous.

Anonymous said...

All GREAT stories. I really wish you'd share the one that happend at the restaurant. That was the best one!

Candi said...

Looks like a great trip! You got some great pictures!

Tracye said...

Those are gorgeous pictures!

What beach is that?!?

It's like NOTHING around here!

Happy2bme said...

It looks so beautiful out there.

Happy2bme said...

All of these pics and the zoo pics are what's on my computer at home. I love your kids but what the heck is going on.