Tuesday, February 12, 2008

He Does Listen

Just when I think that everything I say to Gavin goes in one ear and out the other, I hear this:

Last night Gavin and Ken were in the bedroom playing playstation. I was in the kitchen. I hear Ken say: Oh man, I hate this team.

Then Gavin says in a very shocked voice- Daddy, you're not supposed to say Hate! Its a bad word.

Ken says- Why is it a bad word?

Gavin says: Because God doesn't like it. You should say- I dont like, that would make God happy.



Heaven Sent said...

LOL! I love it when they correct us. Who knew toddlers could be accountability partners?

Shana said...

There are the moments that we do see that they are listening to us. Though be it few and far between...lol!!! :o)

Jen E. said...

That's so cute! Godd job Gavin!

Andrea said...

Awww! How sweet! :) They catch on to more than we think they do sometimes! :)

Anonymous said...

That is sweet. No comments on that one.