Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Car Line

It was a big day today. Gavin went thru the car line at school this morning. It's a big deal, because since he started school I have been parking and walking him into school to his class. I also park in the afternoon and go in and get him when school is out. Yes, every day I get the stroller out of the back of the car, put Katelyn in, get to Gavin's class, wait for the bell to ring, then walk back to the car. Same thing in the afternoon.

And I really havent minded it. Especially when school first started. I was honestly being an overprotective mommy. There was no way that I was dropping my baby boy off in the front of a new school to walk to his classroom all by himself!!! No no no! What if he got lost? Would he make it to his class? So many crazy thoughts went thru my head.

But now the school year is half over. I guess by now he should know where is classroom is, right? I mean, the kid is there 5 days a week for 6 hours. I assume he goes to places like the library, cafeteria, and the bathroom. So maybe he wouldnt get lost if I dropped him off in the morning. So, I brought up the subject of the car line last week and he was NOT happy about it.
"But mommy, you always walk me to my class!!" He said this in the cutest little boy voice ever!

I gave it a couple of days to sink in before I let him know last night that today would be the day. And he was alright with it. So off we set thru the car line. Luckily, his teacher was the head of the car line today and she helped him out of the car. And his friend Jimmy was in the car behind us so they walked in together. When I picked him up this afternoon, he told me he wants to do the car line every morning. Yippee for me. No more lugging out the stroller and Katelyn every morning. And my total time to school and home is like 8 minutes. Another yippee for me.

But, a little part of me was of course sad. Another moment in Gavin's life where I see that he is not so little anymore.


Candi said...

Oh my--I am so not looking forward to Logan starting school. I was happy that he missed the cut off to start this school year!

Anonymous said...

Mommia overprotectia is a good thing to suffer from. Look at poor Britney....

Amy said...

Stories about kids growing up tugs on my heart strings.

I am not there yet with mine, but when I am, I know that it will be a sad day.

Anonymous said...

Growing up and letting go...and I'm not talking about Gavin, ha! j/k Big steps for both of you!

Melissa said...

I keep getting excited for my daughter to grow up, but everyone keeps telling me to slow down cause it will fly by and soon she will be heading off for college :)

Anonymous said...

Oh! That is so great! I am a preschool teacher and we do the carpool line thing to save time AND little lives that might otherwise get hit by a car in that busy parking lot. Kids get such a feeling of confidence and "I can" which will take them far in life when we LET them grow up at an appropriate pace. I am shocked, as a mother of four teens, how many parents have high schoolers and STILL don't let them struggle through life's issues and "hold their hands" to their child's detriment! It's hard to do, I know, but this is only one of many of these moments, and Life With Two, YOU have done it!

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Lisa @ Heaven Sent said...

How nice for you, but I can understand why it's bitter sweet. He's growing up so fast!