Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Little Chef

Santa brought Katelyn the Dora Kitchen for Christmas and she is loooovin it. She already had more than enough plastic food so she has been keeping busy cooking away.

She even brings out all her dolls and cooks for them. Its so cute to watch her talk to her babies and then put them to bed. But here's a warning for ya---- You better be quite while her babies are sleeping or she will Shhh you and scream " My baby is seeping!!!"

Also, Grandpa bought her a cute little chef's hat, apron, and oven mit for Christmas to go along with her kitchen. Of course I think she is so adorable when she wears it!!

And now I am completely obsessed with looking on Etsy for felt foods to buy her to play with instead of all the plastic stuff.

Seriously, who could resist this:

Fruit anyone?

Or maybe something to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Aren't those the cutest ever? Yes, I think the Dora kitchen defiantly needs them.

***Was this post ok Nora?***


sweetytots said...

my daughter loves to lay with kitchen set too and i think your baby is just so adorable in her hat and apron, im planning to sew a set for my daughter.

nisha said...

Thats a very cute Katelyn there wearing the chefs dress and oh! i need some sweet tooth satisfaction so.. am coming over for tea.. :)

Its so nice to see our kids growing up so soon..

Thanks for coming over to my blog.. its wonderful knowing you:)

Michelle said...

She is just adorable. Hey, at least you won't have to cook today. LOL!! My little one has a kitchen too and just loves it. Hope you have a great weekend.

Happy2bme said...

OooH, she's so precious!! Awesome set up.

♥georgie♥ said...

ADORABLE!!!! I miss these days when my beans were younger and play time was simpler....enjoy it!
They do grow up fast

Zen Ventures said...

so adorable! You should come join me next wednesday for DeCode wednesday and brag about how cute she is!

Zen Ventures
Golden Flower Creations

Donna said...

That felt food is incredibly adorable!!

Your cutie pie too=)

Wendy said...

We were going to get that for Lani, but Michael thought Dora looked too scary! What a goober. She looks adorable in her little outfit. Isn't felt food the best? My 10 yr. old niece is learning how to create with felt at school. Hoping she will make me some:)

Tiffany said...

oh my that is definitely the cutest chef I ever saw! I also love the felt foods!

Anonymous said...

I totally love the felt foods out there these days! Love them!

Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

Oh how CUTE! My Little Princess got the Dora kitchen from Santa year-before-last, but saw the Little Tikes Cook'n'Learn one, and decided she wanted that for Christmas last 'Santa' told her she needed to give her Dora Kitchen to a needy girl so she'd have room for a new one...she happily did so and loves her new kitchen, but misses her Dora one... (grin!!)

LOVE that felt food! The chef's hat and apron are priceless - especially on your cute little chef! ;)

Andrea said...

She's SOOOO cute! Her and Tate would have SO much fun cooking together if they ever had the chance.

Renz said...

So CUte!!!

My daughter loves Dora too.

Anonymous said...

This is of course why we all come to Life with Two. For the personal stories of these two crazy kids, KK and Gav. The occasional mention of Danyelle and the big guy, Ken, is also fun to read. I do, however, feel the article would have been warmer without the plug for your Dora felt foods.......Thanks for listening. Your readers appreciate it! Where is the pump?

Candi said...

Oh my.....what a cute little chef!