Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back To Normal

Monday is back to normal day.

With the holidays and Gavin being home for the past 2 weeks I feel like life has been in limbo. We have been staying up late every night and sleeping in every morning. Meal times have been wacky too because of this.

Even my blogging has suffered. Dh would roll his eyes at that last sentence but its true!! ha ha

So Monday is THE DAY. The day to get back on our schedule of school, karate, choir, and Tball. Wowza.

Back to knowing what time we are going to get up in the morning and back to bedtimes at night. And back to the schedule that I try to keep for myself during the week.

The best part of this time of year for me is I get to break out the new calendars. Mmmmm. Can you smell their newness? I love love love brand new calendars. I enjoy writing in everyones birthdays for the year and writing in upcoming events. I have a regular calendar that I keep here on the computer desk and also a fridge calendar so I don't have to keep running back into the computer room to keep up with things. And don't even get me started on what a thrill it is to flip to the next month. ha ha.

Ok, enough of that! The past couple of days I have been a cleaning machine around the house. I deep cleaned the kids bedrooms and got rid of 2 big boxes of toys. I also cleaned out their closets and re arranged their furniture. That made it so much easier to bring in the stuff they got for Christmas.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I am off to make Gavin's lunches for the week. Bye!


♥georgie♥ said...

My beans went back to school today too-we were so off kilter that i forgot to wake up middle bean for school-he is kinda upset with me right now ....

Hope your week is great!

Alexismommy said...

Aren't you happy schools back in session...I sure am!!! Didnt know calendars made you sooo excited!! lol. Make sure you put a big star on June 19th! Its a big well as the 20th!

Jilse said...

And here I thought I was the only person who loves to open up a new calendar and write down all the birthdays and stuff on them. I guess I am not alone in that weirdness afterall. And I have a calendar on the wall in my kitchen and a small one on the desk in my computer room as well. Are we long lost twins?

Running mommy said...

It's quite a transition isn't it, when life returns to normal?

I always feel a bit odd when the house is suddenly silent around me. No more 'Mommyyyy's' and slamming doors. Just the silence.

But it also provides peace and quiet and the time and opportunity to get things done.

Michelle said...

I'm glad to be back on a schedule too. We've been staying up late and sleeping in late. The holiday's completely messed my schedule up. It's been hard to get the little one up for school in the morning. Mommy is having a hard time too. LOL! Thanks so much for your kind words on my preschool post and for stopping by for a visit. Take care.

liza said...

it's hard to keep everything as it is during holidays. my kids sleep way past their bedtime, playing computer and watching tv. i just let them enjoy their vacation.

thanks for stopping by. hope to see you again soon :D