Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not So Wordless Wednesday

My house is a horrible horrible mess. I have finally realized that its really just a big waste of time to try to clean it. Because of the little redhead that lives here. She likes it messy. She put a new roll of toilet paper in the toilet yesterday. Then took it back out. And put it back in. Water and bits of toilet paper were all over the bathroom. And the ruined roll of toilet paper was at the bottom of the toilet. Which I had to fish out. Yuck. Oh, and change her outfit because she was soaking wet.

And she is tall enough now that she likes to reach up onto the counter and grab stuff off. Like the blueberry muffin batter. That went all over the floor. Or Gavin's drink. And her bowl of yogurt that I wasn't ready to give her yet. But she got it anyway.

Then theres the laundry. I washed, dried, and folded it. It even made its way into my bedroom to be put away. The story doesn't end nicely though. Katelyn threw all the clean laundry out of the basket all over the bedroom floor. At least I think it was her because she was nowhere to be found when I walked back into the bedroom. And I wont lie- I didn't even pick all the laundry up, I just turned around and walked away.

And if anyone wants to bring their dog over to clean my floors that would be great. Because it is covered in food that Katelyn no longer wants. Today I gave her a bowl of raisins. She took the bowl out of my hands, looked into it, then promptly said "NO" and dumped them all on the floor. Nice. She also likes to get the cereal box out of the pantry and dump it on the floor. And most of the time her dinner ends up on the floor. I should just save myself time and start feeding her down there on the floor.

Good news is that I have been having no problem falling asleep at night anymore. I'm so darn tired after running around after Katelyn all day that I cant wait to hit the bed! Like now- Good Night!!


Lisa said...

Well she is little tornado isnt she? Julia likes to tell me she prefers the playroom messy so she can see everything she likes when I ask her to clean it up. And Ally leaves a trail of clothes wherever she goes. She prefers to run around the house in just undies but insists on trying on different outfits during the day. When she takes them off she leaves them where she took them off like the bathroom, kitchen, family room, lanai.

I hate to tell you this Melissa, but dont expect Katelyn to grow out of the messiness any time soon :)

I think little girls are messy because thye will spend their adults years cleaning up after thier own children. LOL

Tiffany said...

I remember those days with my two! It would be fun to journal all those stories, she will enjoy reading those and think they are funny when she gets older, even though it is very exhausting right now!

Alexismommy said...

The joys of having children!!! She better be happy shes so damn cute! Shes definitely starting to look more and more like you

Happy2bme said...

Yep, its terrible twos setting in.
Thankfully her birthday is coming soon; maybe some new toys will help deter her interest in home destruction!!