Monday, August 18, 2008

Fay Update

So far we haven't heard whether or not there will be school tomorrow because of the storm. Right now our area is under a "hurricane watch". The latest track has Fay hitting south Florida around the Naples and Port Charlotte area.

Those areas are very south of where we are. Right now our skies are just beginning to turn cloudy and it might rain in a little bit. I'm sure we will be getting lots of rain and winds for the rest of tonight and into tomorrow, BUT nothing compared to what we could get if the storm was coming closer to us!! So I thank God that hopefully my family and house will be safe.

Thanks for all the well wishes I received earlier!

Please keep in your thoughts Lisa from JujuBoo who lives in the Naples area. She is preparing for the storm too.

Also, my brother and his family who just moved into a brand new home around the Port Charlotte area. I am hoping they don't get hit too bad!!!


Tracye said...

That's awesome!

I've got TWC on right now, and it does look like it's going south.

We sure are getting a LOT of rain here, today! We're under a flash flood watch. Which, amazingly, has nothing to do with a hurricane this time!

Wendy said...

Oh scary:( It must be so hard just waiting!! Keeping you all in my thoughts.