Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend Recap

Gavin woke up Saturday tired, cranky, and crying. He had spent the night at Austin's house and they all woke up early to come back here for our garage sale. By the time they got here Gavin was inconsolable. I knew just by looking at him that he was sick. So I got the kids all set up in the house while jen, katie and I got ready for the garage sale. It lightly rained for about an hour and then the heat, humidity, and everblazing sun came out. To make matters worse, Gavin decided he was going to spend the day crying on my lap outside. He was complaining his throat hurt. No fever, thank goodness, but just horrible pain. And of course sitting outside all day in the heat made me cranky, irratable, and sunburned.

Poor Gavin got worse as they day wore on and by 6pm, my nerves were shot. Gavin cried and whined every time he swallowed and was starving because he couldnt swallow any food. Katelyn wanted my attention too and she was becoming quite clingy. After all day of listending to both of then cry and whine, I could not wait for the kids to go to bed because I couldnt take it anymore. I found myself snapping and yelling at everyone. Was it Gavin's fault he was sick or Katelyn's fault she wanted her mommy? No. Even though I turned into mean mommy by the end of the night I still felt bad everytime I yelled.

After the kids were finally in bed I laid in my own bed and tried to calm down. My tension and frustration were pounding in my head. I found myself talking to God. I vented my feelings about the kids and my irritablility. I asked for more patience. I asked for Sunday to be a better day. I let Him know I was upset that I snapped and yelled. I felt sorry for myself that my day was so bad. Poor me. And God did answer me. After I thought, poor me, I realized how really lucky I am. Are my kids sick everyday? No. Is everyday like today? No. I am very thankful for my wonderful family. I enjoy every mintue I am with them. Even on the bad days. I have to remember not everyone is as lucky as I. Some kids are sick all the time, some are in homes with no love, some do not have parents.

I kept Gavin home from school today. One more day of rest before he goes back. Or maybe I just wanted one more day to take "care" of him. To make him soup, lay with him on the couch, and hold him while he sleeps. And I dont mind any of it.


Anonymous said...

That puts things in perspective. Thanks for sharing.