Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend Recap

AAHH, another weekend come and gone. Friday night was our wind down night after a long week of school, karate, and choir. Gavin, Katelyn, and I got into our jammies early. Daddy went to bed when he got home from work so I had the kids all to myself. We had breakfast for dinner and spent most of the night playing in Gavin's room.

Saturday we headed out to our church fall festival. Since it was raining on and off that whole morning I wasnt sure what would be going on. So I didnt even tell Gavin where we were going, just in case it was cancelled. But thankfully the whole festival was moved inside. Bounce houses, inflatable slides, games, cotton candy and more! Such fun. The theme was the wild wild west and we even got our family pictures taken. Gavin made sure to play all the games to win candy. He made his own wild wild west bandanna and a stuffed manatee- not sure how that fit in with the wild wild west theme.

From there Gavin and I headed off to Target because we had yet another birthday party to go to on Sunday and we still needed a gift. They also had sweats on sale so I stopped by the kids department to get Gavin some ( just in case the weather EVER COOLS OFF !!!! ). I think this was the first time Gavin ever heard the word sweatpants. He just could not get what I was saying. He kept repeating back to me "sweat" pants? Like they were two separate words. And I would say, yes gavin, that is what they are called. And he would say back, But why "sweat"? Are you sure the word is "sweat" pants? yes Gavin, I am sure! He still giggles if I say it now. What a cutie!

Sunday we had the birthday party to go to. Ken stayed home with Katelyn so it was just Gavin and I. It was at the park and they had rented a spiderman bounce house. Every 5 year olds dream. Oh, and the pinata. We cant forget the pinata. Candy everywhere and kids running and screaming. Gavin had a great time with his school friends and I had a great time with the mommies.

And once again the baking bug bit Gavin and I. When we got home we made rice krispie treats. Yummy. It was my first time baking them, and lets just say, its not as easy as it looks. But we had fun with it.
And after dinner it was bath, jammies, and bed. Another week ahead of us!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. I wish I had some of those yummy rice krispy treats. I love them! I also love pinatas and candy. I wish I had some of those too. I can't wait to see Halloween pics! Wordless Wednesday CAN't be wordless!!

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Anonymous said...

Cute story about Gavin. I can hear him saying that. What a cutie!