Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Gavin

I might say it every year...but...I cannot believe how old my baby is. 9!! So, in honor of that wonderful are 9 things about Gavin.

1) Gavin wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up. He absolutely loves animals. All animals. When we caught a crab on the beach recently I joked we were taking him home for dinner. The look on Gavin's face was heartbreaking and he insisted we throw him back in the ocean.

2) No big surprise to anyone here, but Gavin loves to play the XBox. His favorite things to play are LeftForDead, Call Of Duty, any sports game and Dance Central. I'll have to get a video of him dancing!

3) His favorite shows are Dragon Ball Z, Beyblade, Spongebob, and Fairly Oddparents.

4) He is NOT a patient person. At all. He hates waiting and becomes QUITE irritable.

5) Gavin has an outstanding imagination. He can play for hours all by himself with some of his toys. He loves action figures (spiderman, star wars, green lantern) and creates some pretty scary battles between them. Sound effects and everything.

6) He is NOT a picky eater. He will eat anything and everything. Sushi, spicy things, crab legs, asparagus, and even calamari. I just have to say- Hey Gavin try this...and he will. I love that about him!

7) This past season Gavin took ice skating lessons for 8 weeks. This September he wants to start hockey lessons.

8) Gavin is a little obsessed with zombies. He watches The Walking Dead with me. He loves to find all sorts of zombie moves on Netflix too.

9) Even though he is growing up, every so often he will still sit and snuggle with me. Its usually late at night when hes tired, but hey, I'll take it!

Happy 9th Birthday Gavin!! I love you, Mommy