Tuesday, June 14, 2011

VBS ~ Day 2

Today is the second day of vacation bible school for Gavin and Katelyn. This years theme is PandaMania.
Both kids had a great time yesterday and were full of stories when I picked them up. The craft they made was name tag necklaces to wear all week. Of course with a big Panda in the middle.
Both Gavin and Katelyn said their favorite activity yesterday was game time- and it involved some sort of water gun fight.
Today is crazy hair day. Gavin asked for his to be spiked- and since he needs a hair cut- it does look kind of crazy.
Katelyn asked for her hair to be done in lots of pony tails. So I gave her 5 pony tails and she picked out different colored bands to put on the top of each one.

I am so glad they are having fun at VBS!

And note the cute T-shirts too!


Heather said...

Our VBS starts Sunday. The girls are so excited!