Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Looks Can Be Deceiving

I had to laugh this past weekend when I heard Danyelle in the kitchen. I found her standing over the box of donuts I had given the kids earlier.

I heard her say "WHO does this?"

I walked up next to her and said "What?' Whats wrong?"

She opened the donut box and showed me what she had found:

Several half eaten donuts and some with just one bite out of them. Again Danyelle said "WHO does something like this?"

And by now I was laughing hysterically. I called Katelyn in and asked her if she did it. She took a look at all the damaged donuts and said "Yep, I did that. I don't like the chocolate."

I guess it took her biting into 5 or 6 donuts before she realized she didn't like them!