Friday, May 14, 2010


Yesterday...Katelyn spilled paint all over the kitchen table.....after I told her countless times to be careful.

Yesterday...Katelyn refused to go to the bathroom unless I was in there with her.

Yesterday...Gavin was in tears over his spelling words.

Yesterday...Katelyn took ALL of her clothes out of her dresser for a mid afternoon outfit change.

Yesterday...I tried a new recipe for dinner and it did not turn out right.

Yesterday...I made the mistake of taking both kids with me to WalMart...

Yesterday...Gavin and Katelyn decided to fight over who's arm and legs were closer to each
other in the car....THE. WHOLE. DRIVE. HOME.

Yesterday...Every time I let the puppy out he insisted on hiding in the bushes...making me crawl in there after him....EVERY...SINGE....TIME.

Yesterday...I lost my patience way to many times.

Yesterday...I yelled way to many times. 11PM I realized Ken didn't have any work shirts clean.

Yesterday...I went to bed and prayed to have more patience with my kids. Something I am running out of more and more lately.

Yesterday...As I was laying in bed I heard Katelyn sleeping through the baby monitor. I heard her laugh and giggle. She must have been having a wonderful dream.

Yesterday...After hearing my baby girl giggle in her sleep, I went to bed relaxed and ready for a new day.


Jen E. said...

Glad it ended well. Isn't it funny how those simple little things can erase a whole day of frustration!?!

KC said...

your childs laughter is a perfect cure for almost everything..
Sorry about your day.. funny thing about patience is the only way you gain it is to go though the trailes that test it..

Shanilie said...

Days like that can get so discouraging. We have all been there, thanks for being so open!

Still On The Verge said...

I am with you on this almost every day myself. It is good to watch them sleeping and renew yourself again.