Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pumpkin Patch & Carving 2009

The long awaited trip to the pumpkin patch finally arrived last week. Katelyn has been talking about getting a pumpkins since the beginning of October when I put out the Halloween decorations. She was so happy to finally get there and kept running around looking for her perfect "baby pumpkin" as she called it.

After Gavin and Katelyn found just the right one, we headed home to gut and carve them. It was so cute to watch Katelyn with the pumpkins. She was amazed that we had to carve the top off and get the seeds and guts out. And she dug right in along side of Gavin!

Gavin picked out a Batman design to be carved into his pumpkin and Katelyn chose Dora.


KC said...

Looks like a ton of fun at the pumpkin patch.. We got our pumpkins early this year, someone came to town with a tractor full of them selling them for $2 a pumpkin. Then a week later my husband took us out one saturday and we passed a pumpkin patch and it looked like fun so we stopped and they were selling there for only $1 a pumpkin.. so how do you pass that up.. So we ended up with 12 pumpkins this year.. but then we got busy and never got around to carving them..:-( but they make for nice fall decorations. ...
About V.. it was 10:30pm sunday night before I saw that SyFy was doing that.. the 1st mini series was coming on again at 11pm till 3am so I taped it and watched it yesterday.. a few years ago my husband bought me the complete serises on DVD but it didn't have the 2 mini series So now I only need to get my hands on that 2nd mini series and I will have them all. I can't wait for tonight.. thinking early bedtime for the kids LOL.. that or tape it and watch it after they are asleep.