Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Really Should Have........

known better. Really. I should have. Last week after I got done making our spring break reservations at Disney I asked Katelyn if she wanted to go visit Mickey's house.

Of course she said yes. Then I started to question her on whether or not she would be excited to meet all of her princesses that she loves. You betcha Mommy!!

And that my friends has created a monster. Every day now when she is getting dressed she asks me if it is time to go meet Belle. Or Seeping Booty. Or her Ariel.

No, not today Katelyn.

Yes today Mommy! I neeeeeeed my pwincesses!!!! Is it time to go?

Yes, I know it is my fault and I never should have mentioned it to a 2 year old, but heck, I was super excited too about going and wanted to talk to someone about it! ha ha

At least I know she is excited about going. And hasn't forgotten!


Kristi said...

Trust me. It doesn't get any better afterward. We have been home for a week and Aaron asks several times a day when we're going again. 10 years doesn't seem to make since to him. LOL!