Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Love Bug ~ Bug Lover

So my Wordless Wednesday picture of Katelyn with the lizard was quite a hit! **See previous post**

To answer some of the comments I received on it:

Yes, that was a real lizard. My little girl has quite the obsession with all bugs and lizards. She will spend all her time outside chasing around the lizards in the backyard trying to catch them. Its so funny to watch. She says to them "Come here you cute wittle wizard" And I love to hear her scream with happiness if she actually gets close to one. Let me tell you- lizards are fast little suckers!!

The one in the picture in my WW post she caught in our screened in porch. That lizard had been living in our porch for a couple of days before she caught it. And believe me, Katelyn tried for days to get him.

Gavin was eating breakfast at the dining room table and I was doing dishes when I heard Gavin scream " MOM! Katelyn brought a lizard in the house!"

I rounded the corner and she was standing there with the biggest smile on her face and said " I got a wizard!".

I made her bring it back on the porch and was able to get a picture of her with it before we let it out into the backyard.

She was so sad to see it go.

She also loves to look for bugs of any kind outside in the grass or crawling in the driveway. She will sometimes lay flat on her stomach in the driveway talking to the rollie pollies.

And I say- Good for her! I'm glad she likes bugs and isnt afraid of them. But I will draw the line at snakes. She better never bring me a snake!


Wendy said...

That is so funny! So not typical for girls. Lani hates anything that flies, but loves anything creepy crawly. BLECH!!

Happy2bme said...

Too cute!! Yes, snakes are a musn't. I will laugh hysterically if she does though. (of course)

I think you should buy her a real pony for christmas so her fairies have something to ride!! LOL

georgie said...

my lilest bean is an animal lover and she doesnt discriminate loved the answers to the q's

Kristi said...

I hate bugs, but I think it would be cool to find a lizard. I don't think we have them around here.

Anonymous said...

I had a cat that would bring me dead birds and leave them at the front door step. They say it's a sign of love. KK must really love you.

Andrea said...

That's awesome that she's not afraid of bugs. :) Do think that'll work for not being afraid of mice too? ;)