Sunday, September 28, 2008

CVS Recap

I just got back from CVS so here is my recap!

Transaction #1 ( above )

2 Sunsilk shampoos 2 / $7.00 (saved $1.58)

2 Colgate toothpaste 2/ $5 (saved $1.58)

1 Febreeze Noticable $6.99 ( saved $1.40)

Total $18.99

Used : $5.00 Coupon for Febreeze

.75 for the Colgate

$3.00 of $15 or more

$4.00 ECB

NEW Total Out of Pocket $6.24 and received $4.00 ECB for next week

Transaction #2 (above)

1 Gillette Fusion Razor $9.99 ( saved $2.00 )

1 Dawn dish soap $.99 ( saved $1.00 )

1 Cover Girl Foundation $5.49

1 Cover Girl Powder $5.49

Total $21.95

Used $3 off $15

$.50 Coupon for Dawn

$1.00 Coupon for CoverGirl

$5.49 Coupon for CoverGirl

$4.00 Coupon for razor

$3.00 ECB

NEW Total out of Pocket $4.97 with $10.79 ECB for next week!

Happy CVSing everyone!!


Lisa said...

That is so awesome. Where do you get the coupons? Are they in the flyer or something?

Donna said...

What a good shop!!

I am excited to go to CVS every week!! It is a fun game for me...LOL

Happy2bme said...

Good deal!

Anonymous said...

Did you really need any of it?????

Happy Hinotes said...

Thanks for posting your pics from CVS two weeks ago. Your pics got me going. I bought 54.00 worth the stuff at CVS and paid 1.51 at the register out of my pocket.

The answer to the anonymous post ... Did you really need any of it? ... YES, if I didn't need it today then I would need it tomorrow. I would much rather payless today and save it for tomorrow then to get taken at the register tomorrow!

Dina said...

I've been CVSing twice. I started last week. What fun. I had a bogo coupon last week for the makeup so I bought the one and then got one free and then got back the ECB for it. Then I bought the razor and had a 4 dollar coupon for that. This week I bought the pads, which were free and the deo, which ended up being 99 cents and now I have $5.98 in ECB to spend next week.