Friday, September 21, 2007

Conversations with Katelyn

Katelyn, you better put that down!!

Katelyn, Stop pinching mommy

Katelyn, Stop hitting Gavin on the head with your dolly.

Katelyn, Where are you?

Katelyn, That does not make mommy happy

Katelyn, Do not throw your sippy cup at me

Katelyn, Sit down in the tub!

Katelyn, Garbage needs to stay IN the garbage can!

Katelyn, Close the fridge

Katelyn, Come back here

Katelyn, Get out of Gavin's room

Katelyn, Toilet paper stays IN the bathroom

Katelyn, Mommy loves you!

Katelyn, You are so beautiful

Katelyn, You are a pretty girl

Katelyn, I love you sooooo much!

I am happy to say, the last four phrases are said the most!