Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 New Schools

With 6th grade came another new school. Middle School. WOW! Although my friends and I would be back at the bottom of the totum pole, I could not wait to get to middle school. The grown up place. I can remember the excitement of having a locker and having to switch classrooms for different subjects.

I also tried out for the junior varsity cheer leading team. I went to practices a couple of times a week before tryouts and was so happy when I made the team.

Unfortunately, during this time my parents decided they wanted to sell their business and move our family to Florida. So I never even got to cheer at any games.

Our house sold before the business did so we ended up moving in with my grandparents who lived about a half hour away. Which meant another new school for me. The closest school to my grandparents house turned out to be a really bad school and my brother and I went for about 4 days before my mom transferred us to a Catholic school about 15 minutes away.

I really loved the new school and all my new friends, which was good because I was really nervous about starting yet another new school. Our transition into living with my grandparents turned out really well too. My younger brother and sister shared a room and my bedroom was the enclosed back porch area. I loved staying back there, I felt like I had my own little apartment.

I really enjoyed my time living with my grandparents. We were there for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and thru Easter. It was really special to be able to spend the holidays with them like that. My brother and I spend alot of our free time playing in the backyard and riding our bikes in the neighborhood.

By the end of the school year our restaurant had sold and we were ready to make our move to Florida. Which meant another new school for me when I started 7th grade.

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Unknown said...

I moved around A LOT during my elementary and middle school days I could so relate to this re-post of a post!

Janna said...

How fun to have your own apartment on the back porch:) It's special that you got the concentrated time with your grandparents.

I've always thought owning a rest. would be really hard work.