Sunday, January 18, 2009

Friday Stuff

Gavin was off of school on Friday for an in-service day for teachers. Since Katelyn is not in the public school system yet, her pre-school was still open. Bummer for me because I was looking forward to sleeping in!!

It was the highlight of Katelyn's day to have Gavin in the car when I dropped her off at school. Usually I drop him off first and the take her. As we were waiting in the car line Gavin kept asking Katelyn questions about school. He wanted to know about her friends, play time, her teachers, and the playground. She was able to show him her playground out the window as we were waiting. She was also excited to show her teacher that her big brother was in the back seat with her.

After we dropped Katelyn off, Gavin and I went out to breakfast with my mom. He of course ordered Mickey Mouse pancakes and ate the whole thing.

After we were done eating breakfast Gavin and I ran a couple of errands together before we had to go back at pick up Katelyn at noon. Looking back on the day I am so happy that I got to spend a couple hours of alone time with my baby boy. It was just us with no interruptions. We talked about his upcoming game on Saturday morning, Martin Luther King Day on Monday, his friends at school, and when we get our new house he wanted to know what his room would look like.

Special one on one conversations and I was focused only on him. I think he enjoyed it too!!

Friday night Katie and Patrick came over. The guys hung out and played the Wii while Katie and I spent some time with my new love. Her name is Cricut and Ken got her for me for Christmas. So Katie and I got all set up to make Valentine's Day cards to send out. We got a little sidetracked and made some Thank you, Birthday, and Anniversary cards instead. I'm still a little new at working the Cricut and it took us ALOT of tries to get fonts and stuff right. But, I definitely see a wonderful future ahead of me with this machine!! Let me give a big great shout-out to my awesome hubby for getting me such a wonderful present!! Thanks hon!

Maybe when I get a little better I'll post some pictures of my creations, but not yet! haha.


Anonymous said...
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Sherrie said...

Those special moments with mommy (or daddy) are always important. Glad you enjoyed some mommy time with your son!

Shanilie said...

Aww that is always the best. Jacob goes anywhere and hes off. Almost hard to get a kiss in before he goes lol.

I'm looking for suggestions for baby items I need please pop by my blog and write down as many as you want. I'd really apreciate it! Thank You!

Wendy said...

LUCKY! I drool over the cricut all the time:) My scrapbooking store has one for people to use at crops, but you have to bring your own cartridges.

Happy2bme said...

HA HA what you don't want to fess up about our adventure to Walmart too!! I can still hear that lady cussing about the bench being wet!

Shan said...

Sounds like a great morning. And I am totally jealous about your cricut. I saw an infomercial for it and made Mike watch it with me. I totally want one!