Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend Recap

Well its that time of year where our weekends are starting to get jam packed. Friday night started with Chris and Ryan coming over to play with Gavin and Katelyn. We spent about an hour or so outside with the boys playing on their skateboards and throwing the foot ball around. Little miss Katelyn was a good sport and sat in her stroller watching them. It also helped that we had the bubble machine going for her to ooh and aaah at. The kids came inside around dusk to have juice and a snack. After all four of them had a great time playing together.

Saturday the weather was great and Gavin and Katelyn spent some time outside playing in the backyard. It was so fun to watch the two of them together!! Katelyn had a blast going in and out of the playhouse and pretending she was using the little play sink. Gavin got a real kick out of pulling Katelyn around in the wagon.

Saturday night we went to St Patricks fall carnival. Katelyn rode some of the rides with her big brother and was not scared at all. She laughed so much

We got up early on Sunday to go to church and watch Gavin sing in the choir at the 11am service. He has been practicing for weeks now and he looked so cute up on the stage. He sings again around Christmas time and I am really looking forward to that. Sunday afternoon Gavin had a school friends birthday party to go to. It was at Largo Central Park. A lot of his friends were there and they all had a great timel We even got to see some pot bellied pigs that a farmer brought up to the field to graze.

And I guess Gavin got a sweet tooth at the party because when we got home he wanted to make cupcakes. So he brought over his cooking chair to the counter and we started cooking. After they were in the oven I let him lick the bowl and he thought he would share with Katelyn, which of course made a huge mess. And it was my luck that this was AFTER I had given them baths!

All in all, we had a great weekend. Hope everyone else did too!


Anonymous said...

How sweet! That is funny that u started emailing your blog to me cuz I just noticed your comment on Lisa's and checked out yours like the same day. Doo doo doo doo (weird). Anyways, ur kids r adorable and it looks like they get along very far. :) Good job mommy!
(I think I'm supposed to keep the same identity on these things, right??? No clue.)