Friday, September 28, 2007

Yellow Belt

Gavin had a bid day on Wednesday. It was testing day in karate and he was testing for his yellow belt. It was all he talked about for weeks and he was very excited about it. He was tested on his kicks, jabs, punches, and kata #1. He passed with flying colors. He is very proud of his new yellow belt. Orange belt here we come.

And this past Tuesday was kinda a big day for me. I had my first parent-teacher conferance this week. I was so excited about it too. Gavin has been in school now for about 6 weeks and I was really eager to see how he was doing. Not that I thought anything was wrong or he was doing badly, but I wanted to know what the kindergarden expectations were and where Gavin was along that line. I was there for about a half hour with his teacher, who I am totally in love with. She is sweet and loving and I can tell she truly cares about all the students. I am happy to say Gavin is doing Excellent in school. He is actually doing above average work than what is expected at this time of year for the students. oh, that pleases me so!! Right now they look at alphabet, story retelling, shapes, reading a graph, patterns, fractions, numbers, and print concepts. The notes on his conference report state that Gavin : loves learning, has a happy positive spirit, has a great attitude about school, his friends, and responsibilities, and he gets along well with others. I left the meeting feeling very proud of my little boy!